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Managing Attorney of The Ambitious Legacy Firm, P.C.
Entrepreneur, Speaker, Author, Educator, Wife, & Mom


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As Managing Attorney of The Ambitious Legacy Firm, P.C. by trade, Sabine Franco and her team helps clients create businesses, protect properties, and plan legacies so they can be safe as they pursue their purpose.

Sabine started The Ambitious Legacy Firm after graduating Hofstra University of Law. As a new attorney and mom, being a business owner was no small feat, but her unprecedented talent and legal expertise led her practice to quickly grow to where she was forced to expand, and now has a team of nine.

Sabine advises clients on the areas of asset protection, such as business, intellectual property, and legacy planning matters.

She is dedicated to working closely with her community of customers to design the best possible outcomes for their endeavors.

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As featured in EYL, The Breakfast Club, Grow with Google, BlackerPockets, and many more, Sabine the Purpose Lawyer is not only owner of The Ambitious Legacy Firm, but a mom, wife, speaker, author, and educator.  Sabine's focus is to educate others on the importance of asset protection, enabling them to pursue their purpose safely.

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The purpose of the show is guide, teach, and share insights and solutions addressing the common. problems and challenges people and, Sabine herself, face in their day-to-day lives on the topics near and dear to the heart of Sabine and her ecosystem at large.

From leadership, law, and legacy to love, motherhood, and marriage, each topic will be curated to honor and amplify Sabine's unique vantage point on life and business based on her expertise, experiences, and evolution as woman, mom, wife, and business owner.

Each topic will lay the foundation for the conversation led by Sabine, some of which will be supported by the contribution of her guests, and created to add value to the culture, community, and collective consciousness of the audience members who will watch the show.