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Sabine Franco, also known as Sabine the Purpose Lawyer, is an entrepreneur, speaker, author, educator, wife, and mom. As Founder of STPL Consulting LLC, she focuses on business, life, and wealth strategy consultancy to help people achieve their ambitious legacy!

Sabine started The Ambitious Legacy Firm, P.C. after graduating Hofstra University of Law. As a new attorney and mom, being a business owner was no small feat, but her unprecedented talent and legal expertise led her practice to quickly grow to where she was forced to expand fter an enriching 11-year journey, Sabine made a strategic pivot to hone in on her true expertise: guiding and consulting individuals and corporations on the intricacies of life and wealth strategy. Her passion lies in empowering others through education, ensuring both personal and corporate success in navigating the complexities of life and financial well-being.

Image of Sabine Franco (owner of business)

She is dedicated to working closely with her community of customers to design the best possible outcomes for their endeavors.

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